Planning Board

The Planning Board is composed of five uncompensated residents and publicly meets as required.

While the Planning Board is empowered by State Law and Village Ordinance (Chapter 182) to address various requests, its primary function is to review applications to subdivide parcels of land within the village.

Requirements for a hearing before the Planning Board are contained in Section 182-7 of the Code of the Village of Lawrence as follows:

  1. All applications for approval by the Planning Board must be in writing and must be submitted to the Village Administrator in triplicate and must consist of the following papers, which will in no case be returned to the applicant:
    1. A request for the approval of the Planning Board, stating precisely what action by the Board is desired.
    2. The map, plat, or plan in respect to which approval is requested.
    3. An affidavit or certificate of ownership of the land affected, stating the name of the owner of record thereof.
  2. If the applicant is not the owner of record, proof must be presented showing the authority of the applicant to make the application and to make the affidavits or certificates hereinbefore required.

In considering whether to allow a large subdivision, the Planning Board must give consideration to the following factors:

  1. Whether the lots created by the proposed subdivision conform to the district regulations of the residence district in which the property is located as to lot area and front, side and rear yards.
  2. The geometrical regularity of the proposed building lots.
  3. Whether the proposed subdivision is in keeping with the general character of the neighborhood in which the property is located.
  4. Availability of public sewers and other utilities to the property.
  5. The effect of the proposed subdivision on adjacent properties.
  6. Whether the proposed subdivision will be in harmony with the provisions and purposes of Chapter 212, Zoning, and will preserve the spirit of said Chapter 212, Zoning, and secure public safety and welfare and do substantial justice.