CodeRED Introduces Text to Enroll

OnSolve is pleased to announce a new Text to Enroll option for our Community Notification Enrollment (CNE) feature.

Text to Enroll (TTE) is a single SMS-message feature that provides mobile users the option to text a specific keyword to SMS short code 99411 and receive an SMS response containing the Community Notification Enrollment (CNE) link. This feature offers direct mobile browser access to the CNE to bolster enrollment opportunities and is included at no cost with the premium Community Notification Enrollment (CNE) feature.

How it works:

The Community Notification Enrollment Link must first be enabled on the account before a keyword can be associated with it.
Keywords must be between 2 and 30 characters in length, are unique alphanumeric with no special characters or spaces; Keywords are not case sensitive and can be texted in either upper or lowercase.
Only one keyword can be assigned to an organization.
A Client Support Representative will assign (or unassign) a keyword to an organization. After a keyword has been assigned to the organization, it is active and available for use. The organization must then share the assigned keyword and SMS short code, either through their website, a UI-based notification or an outside communication channel.
A text containing the URL is automatically sent after the mobile user texts the assigned keyword to short code 99411. Once the URL is selected via the mobile device, the mobile user is directed to the public enrollment page to register to receive alerts for their geographic area.

Check out our user guide in the Resource Library, accessed from any account’s dashboard, or for more information contact Customer Support at or call 1-866-939-0911 M-F 8am-7pm, or 1-800-336-3410 after hours.