Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions


  • Who may I contact regarding a problem concerning a loose, stray, injured, or sick dog or cat?
  • Who may I contact regarding nuisance wildlife (i.e. raccoons, Canada geese, etc.)? 
  • Who may I contact regarding dead animals on public property?
    • Please contact the Lawrence Department of Public Works (516)-239-5149 or


  • When is on-street overnight parking allowed?
    • On-street parking is not allowed from 3:00 a.m. to 5:00 a.m. in non-metered spots. A resident may obtain an overnight permit to park in long-term metered spots during this time.
  • Can I leave a dumpster or container on the street overnight?
    • No. 


Roads & Public Works

  • Who is responsible for the upkeep of sidewalks and curbs?
  • Which roads in Lawrence are not maintained by the Village?
    • The following roads are maintained by Nassau County (516)-571-6900
      • Rockaway Turnpike
      • Meadow Lane
      • Rock Hall Road
      • Broadway
      • Doughty Boulevard
    • The following roads are privately maintained
      • Albro Lane (between Atlantic Avenue & Burton Lane is maintained by the Village)
      • Polo Lane
      • Sealy Court
      • Ventana Court
    • New York State Route 878 (Nassau Expressway) is maintained by the New York State Department of Transportation
  • How should I report a pothole or other road hazard?
    • The matter should be reported to the Lawrence Department of Public Works which can be reached at (516)-239-5149 or
  • Who may I contact regarding automobile damage on a Nassau County road due to a road defect?

Building Department

  • What work requires a permit?
    •  Construction of, addition to, demolition of, or alteration of any building requires a permit before work may begin.
    • All installation, repair, or replacement of fences, surface coverage, drywells, pools, solar panels, awnings, signs, accessory structures, or recreational structures requires a permit before work may begin.
    • Real estate signs require a permit before they may be displayed.
    • Opening a street or sidewalk for utility access requires a permit before work may begin.
  • Can tents be erected in the Village of Lawrence?
    • A permit must be obtained before a tent is erected.
    • In addition to the tent application, a Certificate of Flame Resistance and a Nassau County Fire Marshall tent permit is required to be submitted to the Building Department at least 7 days before erection of the tent.
  • What do I need to receive a building permit?
    •  An application must be submitted before any permit is issued. Additional information required is outlined on the permit application.
  • Does my contractor need to be licensed or insured?
    •  All contractors, including plumbers and electricians, must be licensed and insured to perform residential work in the Village of Lawrence. Electricians and plumbers must be licensed from the Village of Lawrence. All other contractors must be licensed with the Nassau County Department of Consumer Affairs. A copy of each contractor’s license and Certificates of Liability, Disability, and Workers’ Compensation must be submitted along with all permit applications.
  • What requires approval from the Board of Building Design?
    • New buildings
    • Exterior alterations to existing structures
    • All fences
    • New curb cuts or curb cut extensions
    • Business signs
    • The Board of Building Design meets once per month.