Building Department

The Building Department is under the direct supervision of Deputy Village Administrator Gerry Castro who can be reached at (516) 239-3987 ext.1031 or by e-mail at as well as Superintendent Danny Vacchio who can be reached at (516) 239-3987 ext.1027 or  Building Inspectors are responsible for the enforcement of all Village Zoning Ordinances and all New York State Building, Construction and Fire Prevention Laws.  A permit must be obtained for all construction including repairs, renovations, additions, and demolition as well as the installation of swimming pools, fences, recreational structures, generators, air conditioners, and other mechanical equipment. The permit process is designed to ensure the public’s health, and safety and protect the environment by establishing standards for energy efficiency.

The Building Department also administers the licensing of plumbers and electricians who wish to perform work in the Village.

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